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nsect Fact Sheet


You’d be hard pressed to find an Australian who hasn’t come across this bloodthirsty insect; they’re the uninvited guests to backyard BBQ’s, Christmas, camping trips and sleepless nights. For the most part mosquitoes are merely an irritation, remembered by the temporary red intrusions on our skin. However, with over 300 types of Mozzies in Australia capable of transmitting disease, it makes sense to protect ourselves.

Around the world Mosquitoes carry debilitating infections like malaria, dengue fever and yellow fever. Our primary concern in Australia is the Ross River Virus, contracted by around 5000 people every year. The Ross River Virus causes sore muscles, rashes, severe tiredness, fever and headaches, leaving people ill anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks. Attracted to the sweat and bacteria on our bodies, mosquitoes are a threat all year round. To avoid bites Natureworx recommends applying an essential oil based insecticide, covering up in humid climates and hanging treated mosquito nets at night.

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There is nothing more irritating than the common housefly. If you live on a property with poultry, compost or interesting smells of any kind, it’s likely you’ve met the humble fly in hoards.

Intriguingly there are over 28, 000 fly species in Australia though we tend to separate them into ‘those who bite’ and ‘those who buzz’. March Flies (Horse Flies) fall into the former category, known for their blood sucking tendencies that leave victims with painful itching skin abrasions and potential allergic reactions. The latter group includes the Housefly, Blow Fly, Bush Fly and Fruit Fly.

Attracted to decaying matter and fermenting fruits and sugars, these flies are not only pests but often spread disease as they feast and breed on household goods. To avoid these pests, Natureworx suggests spraying a chemical and DEET free solution around infested areas, covering up exposed foods and organics and applying a similar solution to your body when outdoors.

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Midges (Sandflies)

Midges or Sandflies as they’re commonly called, swarm around mangroves, estuaries and any large body of salt water. These nasty insects attack in the hundreds, injecting our system with anti-coagulant saliva. This frequently causes painful and irritating red welts to appear on the surface of our skin.

Midges are most at large at sunrise and sunset, so this is when we recommend being most vigilant with protective clothing and to readily apply an essential oil based insecticide, thus preventing the following weeks of itching lesions.

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Bird Mites

As their name suggests, Bird Mites are found on the bodies and nests of birds. At home you’ll come across them among the feathers of your chickens, ducks and winged pets. Attracted to warmer regions, Bird Mites do bite and are known to seek blood in their nearest human as well. They’re semi-translucent and quick, often found springing from walls to clothing and bedding. Unable to complete their life cycle, Bird Mites will not stay long on humans but if infesting your poultry, Natureworx recommends applying an essential oil based solution as treatment.

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Ticks are the bane of coastal camping. With 70 tick variants in Australia, the most common is the paralysis tick found in NSW, which is known to transmit infectious diseases, induce allergic reactions and inject toxic poisons. While the tick can be relatively harmless, they pose a severe, paralytic danger to your children and pets. Attaching itself to nearby animals, the tick injects anticoagulant saliva that prevents the blood from clotting. It’s this saliva that can be toxic and which assists in the transmission of infections such as Lyme Disease. To remove a tick from your body, Natureworx suggests spraying it with a pyrethrum based repellent before removal. Use fine tipped forceps to grip the tick at its base, steadily drawing it from the skin and avoiding twisting motions. Seek medical attention if symptoms (rashes, fevers, partial facial paralysis, unsteadiness or weakness) occur.

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Garden Irritants: Aphids, Snails, Millipedes, Ants

Aphids are tiny, soft-bodied insects that gather beneath leaves and upon buds and young shoots. Infestations develop rapidly and can prevent the opening of buds and new growth. You’ll find Aphids climbing on everything from your vegie patch to camellias, fruit trees and roses; look out for signs of sooty mould fungus.

Snails are the slug like pests that make their presence known seconds after your foot crushes down on rainy evenings. Snails are our garden excavators, slowly making their way through your veggie patch, fruit trees and flowers; nothing escapes them. As snails are nocturnal and attracted to wet climates, it’s recommended that you water your garden in the morning to ensure dry earth by night.

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The millipede, specifically of the black Portuguese variety, can be found in hoards among your decaying organics. Attracted to moist climates, you’ll find them munching through your ground plants and mulch; reeking havoc on the natural ecosystem.

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With over 1,300 ant varieties in Australia, you’ll find them everywhere as they busily contribute to their army nests; often found underground, in trees and in surface-level purpose-built mounds. Most ants offer little cause for fear and at worst will be found crawling across your breakfast table in search of a sweet spread. However, in Australia the Bull Ant can cause painful bites and possible allergic reactions while the Fire Ant and the Electric Ant prove to be destructive pests prone to harming your local environment and garden.

To control these garden pests, Natureworx recommends spraying a natural insecticide with active essential oils on and around the insects to form a long lasting barrier.

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Lice and Fleas

We all remember that dreaded head lice check in primary school or your dog’s constant thumping as they defend themselves against the fleas feasting behind their ear. While lice and fleas are only similar in their blood sucking, parasitical nature they do pose a comparable nuisance and can be treated similarly. Lice tend to infect only humans, remaining under the protection of the heads hair follicles. Fleas however, are attracted to the blood of animals. Fleas will feast across the whole body and are not opposed to humans either. A natural insecticide sprayed across an infected home or animal should help curb flea infestations. Applying a similar solution to your head, carefully scouring through with a fine-tooth comb should combat lice.

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Seen scuttling out from under your sink or overhead as light sends them darting, Cockroaches are the disease carrying, seemingly immortal creatures that keep you awake at night. Infiltrating your home through the slimmest means; cockroaches multiply within your walls, coming out at night to feast. As the often carry diseases, eradication is necessary. Natureworx suggests spraying a pyrethrum based natural insecticide all around your home to form a protective barrier, warding them away.

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As Australia’s icon, we love to hate these often harmless, sometimes lethal arachnids. We have over 10,000 spider species in Australia, most common being the harmless Daddy Longlegs, the most dangerous being Sydney’s Funnel-Web. Contrary to popular paranoia, no spider related deaths have been reported in Australia since 1981. However this is not to say that spiders are not dangerous and a spider-free home and garden would offer many peace of mind. A natural insecticide is the ideal antidote; sprayed liberally around your home it will rid you infestations without damaging your garden or spreading nasty chemicals.

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