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ctive Ingredients


Extracted from the head of the Chrysanthemum plant, Pyrethrum is the natural insecticide used in Natureworx products. Shutting down their central nervous system, Pyrethrum is lethal to most insects yet non-toxic to humans (unless consumed in enormous quantities).

Pyrethrum is made up of a number of pyrethrins that work as its active ingredient; the two terms are often used interchangeably. Pyrethrum is an excellent friend to the environment as it is entirely biodegradable and the pyrethrins will rapidly break down under sunlight. Subsequently, pyrethrum is widely recommended for use in your garden, as it will dissolve in your veggie patch without affecting the growth of other plants. Pyrethrum is best known for it’s quick-fire paralytic affect on nuisance pests and is broadly considered the best natural, non-toxic insecticide in existence.


Dubbed ‘The Village Pharmacy’ in India, the Neem Tree has a long history treating fevers, infections and skin complications. Used for everything from pest control to beauty treatments, Neem is a wonder plant.

As an active ingredient in Natureworx products, Neems properties will contribute to healthier, shinier coats in pets and farm animals, stronger teeth and wound healing.

As a gentle solution to sensitive skin types, Neem not only combats fungus and itching, but it repels insects and combats the reproduction and growth process.

In your garden, Neem works as a natural pesticide fighting parasites and fungi growth while proving 100% harmless to handle.

Citronella Oil

Long used to repel mozzies and the like, Citronella Oil is classified as a bio pesticide by the US EPA and proven to repel ticks, disease-carrying mosquitoes and to suppress fungi growth.

Citronella Oil has been found to protect against mosquitoes for up to 3 hours at a time, comparable with synthetic DEET. While it does not kill insects, the essential oil masks the scent that attracts them to flesh.

Non-toxic, Citronella Oil is a key component in Natureworx products

Rosemary Oil

Slightly milder than Citronella Oil, this essential oil is frequently used in the garden to manage spidermites and other pests in addition to acting as a natural mosquito repellent.

As an active ingredient in Natureworx products, Rosemary Oil has been found to offer excellent hair and skin care properties, pain relief and to boost the immune system.

Eucalyptus Oil

Proven to be a more effective mosquito repellent than DEET, this native Australian plant offers myriad remedies.

Studies have found Eucalyptus Oil to offer gardens excellent protection against all number of parasites, mould, mildew and weeds. For humans it has been widely documented as an antiseptic, respiratory treatment, mental stimulant and natural lice treatment.

Found in Natureworx products, Eucalyptus Oil works to repel fleas, ticks and other pests while offering remedial benefits for skin, sore muscles and hair repair.



DEET (N,N-diethyl-meta-toluamide) is a registered pesticide and is related to the toluene chemical family (used in rubber and plastic cements and paint removers).

DEET is an active ingredient in most commercially available insect repellents, designed to disguise our scent from biting insects. However DEET does not just sit harmlessly on our skin; its oily residue seeps into our pores and bloodstream with research citing serious alarms about its potential effects on the central nervous system.

DEET has presented such concerns that the US EPA has advised users to wash treated skin with soap and water when returning indoors while Health Canada has banned DEET concentrations of over 30%.

All Natureworx products are DEET and Toxin Free,
employing essential oils as natural pesticides.

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